Liverpool Vigil held in support of the victims of the Manchester Bombings

Hundreds of people gathered in Williamson Square yesterday evening in support of the victims, families and friends of the Manchester bombing by radicalised Salman Abedi.

The vigil was organised by Ellie Longman who after hearing the news decided to hold the vigil.  She said: “I set this up so people could show their grief for the people who died in Manchester last night and to show solidarity with the city.”

“We’re very close Northern cities and I just thought having a vigil at 6pm – the same time as the one in Manchester was right.”

“For me it was a chance for communities to come together and say no, this will not divide us.”

A minutes silence was observed as part of the vigil, with many people looking visibly upset.

Politicians from across Merseyside were also at the vigil including Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham, whose daughters were at last night’s concert.

He said: “I’m here to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Manchester tonight, but I’m also here with my wife and two children who were at the concert.”

Young and old and from all walk of life came to the vigil, with some writing messages on the floor and some lighting candles.

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heart of candles and flower

Strike 4 Repeal Campaign in Liverpool

Earlier in Liverpool University Square, gatherers met to campaign against an “outdated” Irish Law.  Today being International Women’s Day, women in Ireland will strike to demand their right to control their bodies.

The 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution outlaws and criminalises abortion in Ireland by considering the rights of the fetus equivalent to those of a woman. The campaigners want this repealed.  They say  “Women in Ireland should have access to safe, legal and affordable abortions.”

The UOL Pro-Choice Society, supports the  campaign and stands in solidarity with women whose governments deny them bodily autonomy. They stand with the women of Ireland and Northern Ireland who are forced to travel abroad for a safe procedure that they should have access to at home.

An estimated 12 women cross the border from Ireland to seek abortion each day.
This event remembers the 12 women who have been forced to travel for abortion that day, and every day.

Every person who has an abortion has to take at least a day off work, whether to travel or stay at home. Use this day to stand in solidarity with them, and demand change.

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Shun The S*n Protest Held In Liverpool

Protesters took to the steps of St Georges Hall in Liverpool today to campaign for the total ban of the Sun Newspaper in Liverpool.

Organised by a group called Shun The Sun, the group and members of the public gathered on the steps of St Georges Hall.  People brought placards, held posters and wore stickers.

The group which  on Facebook has more than 73,000 members.  The group has had success in the city and many retail outlets have stopped selling the paper.  The paper has seen a huge decline in sales since the Hillsborough disaster almost 28 years ago.

It is estimated the boycott has cost Britain’s best selling newspaper millions of pounds in revenue since 1989 and, following the landmark new inquest verdicts last April which found the 96 were unlawfully killed and that Liverpool fans were not to blame, two campaign groups – Total Eclipse of the S*n and Shun The S*n – have been encouraging shops, businesses and local councils not to stock it.

People turned up with their children, some in push chairs and the children got involved by holding up placards in the crowd.

Music came fromlocal man Carl Allen who sang a few numbers on the top of the steps.

For pics and a video of Carl Allen singing Shun The Sun at the protest please follow the links below:-

2 protesters

3000 Lights For Child Refugees Protest – Liverpool

A peaceful hour long gathering took place earlier to protest against the Governments refusal to accept child refugees into the U.K.  The protest was held on the iconic St Georges Hall steps in Liverpool.

It was announced today (8/2/17) that the UK will no longer welcome any more child refugees. This is unacceptable, while there is a ban on several countries from entering the USA and the global hostility towards people selling refugees from Syria and other countries is increasing we must continue to let our government know that refugees are welcome in the UK!

No child should be living in a war zone and we should be doing all we can to give them somewhere safe to live, learn and grow.

The government originally promised to provide refugee for 3000 child refugees, so we will hold 3000 lights into the night sky for them.

The crowd brought candles, torches and used their phones to light up the cold evening.

Only 350 unaccompanied child refugees will be allowed to settle in the UK, thousands short of numbers previously indicated.

The statement from Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill said local authorities indicated “have capacity for around 400 unaccompanied asylum-seeking children until the end of this financial year” and said the country should be “proud” of its contribution to finding homes for refugees.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron called the decision “a betrayal of British values”.

“Last May, MPs from all parties condemned the Government’s inaction on child refugees in Europe, and voted overwhelmingly to offer help to the thousands of unaccompanied kids who were stranded without their families backed by huge public support,” Mr Farron said.

“Instead, the Government has done the bare minimum, helping only a tiny number of youngsters and appearing to end the programme while thousands still suffer. At the end of December last year the Government had failed to bring a single child refugee to the UK under the Dubs scheme from Greece or Italy where many of these children are trapped.”

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Dan and Alan on the steps of St Georges Hall

Trump Protest in Liverpool

A second protest / rally has taken place in Liverpool on the steps of St Georges Hall against the U.S President’s new foreign travel ban, dubbed the “Muslim Ban” by some people.

Hundreds of people gathered and brought placards with them to protest against this new bill, which bans people from several Muslim countries entering the USA.  Some of the countries with the restriction are Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

The ban has caused chaos in several US airports as people who were returning the above mentioned countries were detained by Federal officials even though some had green cards and some were US residents.

The protest set up by Liverpool Momentum was arranged only a day before and asked people to gather and protest against this ban and Prime Minister May’s refusal to condemn his actions.

It goes on to say.

“Donald Trump has imposed a ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US and while Jeremy Corbyn was quick to call for the cancellation of Trump’s UK State visit, our Prime Minister, Theresa May, has failed to speak out to defend our values of humanity and compassion. It is a matter of national shame.”

So far 18,000 people from across Merseyside, and nationally it’s over a million have signed a petition for Donald Trumps State Visit to be cancelled.

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Aleppo Protest, Lime St Station

Protestors gathered earlier near the entrance to Liverpool’s Lime St Station to protest against the atrocities currently ongoing in the Syrian city.  Protestors chanted and had a few speakers to give more information to the attended people.  Local MP Stephen Twigg also attended and showed his support for the cause.  The protest lasted about an hour, and was very peaceful.

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Peaceful protestors

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Vigil For Peace In Yemen, Lodge Lane

Earlier at the old swimming baths site on Lodge Lane, Liverpool 8, locals gathered at a peaceful vigil to campaign against all the hostilities and horrors currently happening in Yemen.

At the vigil an Arabic peaceful song was played.  Flags were put up and banners in Arabic and English were displayed.  Young and old alike attended.

Two Councillors and an MP gave up their time out of their busy schedules to attend the hour long vigil.  MP Stephen Twigg Labour politician for West Derby, Cllr Steve Munby, Labour Cabinet Member for Neighborhoods and Cllr for Riverside Ward and also Cllr Anna Rothery Labour representing Princes Park Ward gave short talks to the crowd in attendance.  A local girl also came up and recited her “work in progress” poem to the people.

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Stephen Twigg MP and Cllr Anna Rothery with residents

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