250,000 People March In London Against Govt Cuts

An estimated 250, 000 people marched in central London yesterday against proposed Government cuts and to save it from the axe.  Thousands marched, chanted and sang in defiant protest against Prime Minister Teresa May and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s proposals.

Many more gave their support via social media, including patients and ex patients of the NHS who’s lives had been saved by the Service.  Student doctors and nurses attended and spoke in Parliament Square at the cuts they are seeing first hand on the front line.  Placards and banners were held high calling for the NHS to be saved and to reverse the proposed £20 Million cuts proposed by 2020.

Protesters came from all over the country by coach, car and train, some as far as Scotland and Newcastle in the North East.  They all gathered in Tavistock Sq from 11am, and by the time the march started at 1pm, the area was so full it was shoulder to shoulder for a while.

The march which ended in Parliament Sq opposite the House Of Parliament was soon filled with protesters who gathered to hear speeches on the stage.  Speakers included Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, Shadow Chanellor John McDonnell, Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey, aswell as student doctors and nurses, other trade union officials and Billy Bragg sang at the end of the talks.

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Redrow Granted Planning Permission to Build on Harthill Estate Despite Protests

Redrow has been granted planning permission to build more than 50 homes on the Harthill Road Estate site despite a big protest at the site and in Liverpool Town Hall afterwards at the Planning Committee meeting.

At the site of the proposed development earlier in the morning, about 300 protestors gathered to get their voices heard whilst members of the Planning Committee went on a site visit.

The protesters had their say to the Councillors as they went about a site visit, the atmosphere was feisty but peaceful. After the visit, the members boarded a mini bus to take them to the hearing in the Town Hall.  Police were called to help the mini bus move away safely from the site as a precautionary measure, with the road being narrow and the build up of people.

Calderstones school opposite the site voted against the plans, but Calder Kids a young person centre on the site wanted the redevelopment to go ahead.

As part of the plans, Calder Kids, Beechley Stables and the miniature railway will be relocated to make way for the development.

The 4 hour planning permission meeting heard the vision from Redrow and then about 20 protesters were given time on the podium to have their say.  At the end of the meeting the committee voted 5-1 in favor of granting permission to Redrow.

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Even the dog got involved


Trump Protest in Liverpool

A second protest / rally has taken place in Liverpool on the steps of St Georges Hall against the U.S President’s new foreign travel ban, dubbed the “Muslim Ban” by some people.

Hundreds of people gathered and brought placards with them to protest against this new bill, which bans people from several Muslim countries entering the USA.  Some of the countries with the restriction are Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

The ban has caused chaos in several US airports as people who were returning the above mentioned countries were detained by Federal officials even though some had green cards and some were US residents.

The protest set up by Liverpool Momentum was arranged only a day before and asked people to gather and protest against this ban and Prime Minister May’s refusal to condemn his actions.

It goes on to say.

“Donald Trump has imposed a ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US and while Jeremy Corbyn was quick to call for the cancellation of Trump’s UK State visit, our Prime Minister, Theresa May, has failed to speak out to defend our values of humanity and compassion. It is a matter of national shame.”

So far 18,000 people from across Merseyside, and nationally it’s over a million have signed a petition for Donald Trumps State Visit to be cancelled.

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Aleppo Protest, Lime St Station

Protestors gathered earlier near the entrance to Liverpool’s Lime St Station to protest against the atrocities currently ongoing in the Syrian city.  Protestors chanted and had a few speakers to give more information to the attended people.  Local MP Stephen Twigg also attended and showed his support for the cause.  The protest lasted about an hour, and was very peaceful.

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Peaceful protestors

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