Thousands gather across Merseyside for Remembrance Sunday

Thousands of people came out across Merseyside to pay their respects to the fallen on Remembrance Sunday .

Despite bitterly cold weather, huge crowds were there for Liverpool’s commemoration, centred around the Centotaph at St George’s Hall with service personnel, local dignitaries and veterans marching through the city to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

This year’s service was especially poignant as it focused on the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendale.

Joey the life size puppet from the National Theatre’s production of War Horse was at the service – to recognise the importance horses played in the infamous battle.

Representatives from all faiths helped to lead the service at the plateau, with Danielle Louise Thomas leading the crowds in singing the National Anthem.

Following the Last Post and the two minute silence, thousands of petals cascaded down from St George’s Hall in a very moving display.

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Umbrella Project Officially Launched in Liverpool

200 Umbrellas were hung above the street in Liverpool City Centre to raise awareness of ADHD.

The Umbrella Project was named by children who work with the ADHD Foundation because ADHD and autism are ‘umbrella terms’ for a whole variety of neurodevelopment difficulties.

Each umbrella will be signed by a young person with ADHD and or autism, with a statement written by a Liverpool child stating “My Superpower is…”.

Children from St Oswalds Primary School in Old Swan, performed to the song “Happy” with umbrella’s and a simple dance routine.

The Umbrella Project has been made possible thanks to sponsorship from Equazen, makers of the scientifically developed omega-3 supplements, Liverpool City Council and the Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, who has pledged to make Liverpool “a truly ADHD and autism-friendly city.”

Explaining the idea behind the Umbrella Project, Dr Tony Lloyd, chief executive of ADHD Foundation, commented: “The name for the project was actually chosen by the brilliant children who work with the foundation.

“ADHD and autism are ‘umbrella terms’ for a whole variety of neurodevelopment difficulties, and we want to highlight that fact and challenge the stigma of what can be ‘invisible’ disabilities.

“The Umbrella Project is about reminding adults – be it parents, teachers or potential employees – that young people with ADHD and other conditions possess many gifts, talents and skills to offer their communities.

“Their condition is not a disabler, but an enabler, a superpower!

“The foundation would like to thank Equazen, Liverpool City Council and the Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, whose support for the project has been amazing.”

Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, said: “I wholeheartedly support ADHD Foundation’s Umbrella Project.

“Liverpool City Council is fully committed to supporting the education, mental health and employability of people with ADHD and autism.

“Raising awareness is fundamental in engaging conversations and promoting the general public’s understanding of ADHD.

“With half a million children across the country being affected by the condition, with many going completely undiagnosed, it is more important now than ever that as a city we lead the way in doing everything we can to support them.

“I want Liverpool to truly be an ADHD and autism friendly city.

“We have to work together to remove the barriers that are preventing people from being able to reach their true potential.

“The Umbrella Project is a great way of showing that commitment and engaging those conversations.”

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Church Alley

Mermaid Trail Launched in New Brighton, Wirral

The New Brighton Mermaid Trail, which takes its inspiration from ‘The Black Rock Mermaid’, who was said to have appeared to a local sailor in New Brighton in the 18th century, was officially unveiled on Wednesday 7th June.

The Mermaid Trail is a set of six identical Mermaid statues situated in key locations across New Brighton. They have each been individually decorated, four of them by local schools, one by a community group and one by the local artist who designed and sculpted the statues, Barry Canning-Eaton. Both the design and decoration have been kept a closely guarded secret in the lead up to the unveilings.

Each statue is accompanied by an information board which, when followed in order, takes trail followers through a story based on the legend of ‘The Black Rock Mermaid’, as told by local storyteller Cathy Roberts.

Starting from Kings Parade, the first statue – the ‘Ebb & Flow Mermaid’ – is situated next to the Championship Adventure Golf and is decorated by children and young people engaged with Ebb & Flow Community Interest Company, with its decoration inspired by natural wonders in and around New Brighton.

Statue number two is the work of pupils from St Mary’s Catholic College, with a nautical and sea-faring inspired decoration that they have called ‘The Inked Siren of Black Rock’. This is situated on the corner of Victoria Road and Atherton Street close to New Brighton railway station.

The location of the third mermaid is on Seabank Road near to its junction with Magazine Lane. The ‘Rock On Mermaid’ is decorated by pupils from The Mosslands School in Wallasey and tells a strong story of young people, boys and girls, who are finding their own voice.

Vale Park, looking out onto the promenade, is where visitors will find the fourth mermaid, decorated by young people who attend Wirral Hospitals’ School. Entitled, ‘Paxtonea – the Soothing Siren’, its decoration tells the story of the legend in a way that provokes awareness of the sensory needs of people with anxiety and on the autistic spectrum.

Pupils from St George’s Primary School are responsible for the ‘Mermaid of Memories’, the fifth statue on the trail. Situated on the promenade opposite the Floral Pavilion Theatre and Conference Centre, the pupils have sought through their decoration to take people on a journey back in time to a dark yet glowing evening at New Brighton fairground.

The trail ends on Victoria Parade in ‘Old Town’ New Brighton with the sixth statue – the eponymous Black Rock Mermaid – this one decorated by the creator of the Mermaid statues, Barry Canning-Eaton.

The Mermaid Trail project has been made possible thanks to a successful bid for £10,935 by the New Brighton Coastal Community Team (NBCCT) to the Burbo Bank Extension Community Fund, a grant scheme set up by DONG Energy to benefit voluntary groups and organisations located near to the coastline where it is carrying out the extension to the offshore wind farm.

Caroline Laing, Wirral Council’s representative on the New Brighton Coastal Community Team, said:

“It is hoped that the trail will raise awareness of the legend of The Black Rock Mermaid and bring her story to the attention of the hundreds of thousands of visitors the resort attracts each year. The trail is purposefully designed to show visitors parts of New Brighton that they might not otherwise have got to see and show them some of the attractions and unique character that can be found away from the traditional tourist locations.”

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Mermaid of memories

Liverpool Homeless Games 2017

The Homeless Games took place today at Wavertree Sports Centre.  The Games was officially opened by Deputy Mayor Cllr Ann O’Byrne. Games the competitors took part in were, pool, darts, football, badminton, tennis, basketball, quick cricket and mini golf.

The initiative, which was founded in 2009, aims to bring together those who have experienced homelessness or social exclusion, in order to provide a platform that unites them through sport and companionship.

Competitors played regardless of ability or skill.

In partnership with Liverpool City Council and the Liverpool-based retailer Healthy Foods Online, the games will also offer participants and the public with advice on health, education and employment. Using the games as a platform to improve the health and wellbeing of homeless people, to increase their feelings of self-worth and allow them to feel a sense of pride for what they have achieved on the day, both in sport and personal progression.

Organisers of the Olympic Games, Eric Houghton and Steve Barton said:

“The Homeless Games alone cannot make the difference. It is only through working together that we can change lives. We need everyone to play their part, whether you’re a support worker who can champion the Homeless Games within your organisation or and organisation who could support the day.“

With the successful sounds of the Rio Olympics still ringing in our ears, there is little wonder why the 7th Homeless Games is set to be the most exciting and biggest yet.

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Group shot before the match started


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Team Wales

Edward Kemp Blue Plaque Unveiled.

THE Landscape gardener who brought Birkenhead Park to life has been honoured with a blue plaque in his memory.

Edward Kemp was selected by Joseph Paxton – gardener to the Duke of Devonshire and creator of Crystal Palace – to supervise the development of Birkenhead Park.

Born in Streatham, Surrey he arrived in Birkenhead in 1843 to begin laying out the park, and remained living on its edge for the rest of his life.

His contribution was remembered with the unveiling of a plaque at the park day – 170 years to the day of its formal opening in 1847.

Performing the unveiling ceremony was carried out by the Mayor, Cllr Pat Hackett. He said: “2017 is not only the 170th anniversary of the opening of the park but the bicentenary of Edward Kemp himself so it’s fitting we will be remembering him on this special day.”

Paying tribute Elizabeth Davey, from Conservation Areas Wirral, told the Globe: “Edward Kemp was probably one of the leading Victorian landscape gardeners.

“He trained in what was then the very best place; the Horticultural, not Royal then, Society Gardens in Chiswick.

“He then worked there under Professor John Lindley and was selected from there to go and work with Paxton at Chatsworth and worked with him on his publications.

“So when Paxton was commissioned by the Birkenhead Improvement Commissioners to come a design this Park, obviously he didn’t have the time as he was busy doing all sorts of other things.

“So he recommended that Kemp be appointed and, with various ups and downs, Kemp remained, nominally really, Superintendent until the day he died.

“He would have been responsible for engaging staff to dig out the lakes, create all the landscaping, laying out the paths and getting the planting right.

“He had quite a large labour force and quite a big budget. This was really the jumping off point for his career as an independent landscape gardener.

“He was a very good family man; at various times he had his mother-in-law, sister-in-law, his sister all living with him”.

Professor Robert Lee, chairman of Friends of Birkenhead Park, added: “This is a momentous day, again, for Birkenhead Park.

“We’re celebrating the start of the bicentenary of Edward Kemp’s birth in 1817 and the start of the 170th anniversary of the opening of Birkenhead Park on April 5, 1847.

“In a sense that represents the uniqueness of Birkenhead Park; the first publicly-funded park, not only in Britain but in the whole wide world.

“It recognises the incredible skills and expertise that Kemp developed; not only here but elsewhere.

“He was initially asked by the commissioners in New York to advise them on the applications for the design of what became Central Park.

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The plaque

Commonwealth Day Celebrated in Liverpool

Liverpool officialy recognised Commonwealth today with a special ceremony in the Town Hall.  Headed by the Lord Mayor Cllr Roz Gladden.  Dignitaries from member countries of the Commonwealth, and the Liverpool Commonwealth Association attended the special service.

Commonwealth Day, held on the second Monday in March each year, is an opportunity for individuals, communities and organisations to promote the Commonwealth’s shared values of peace, democracy and equality, and to celebrate the association’s rich diversity.

After the Town Hall Service and flag raising, the Lord Mayor and Consort joined Colonel Alan O’Flanagan, Cadet Stephen Douglas RSM and other dignitaries again for a similar service in the Royal Liver Building to raise the Commonwealth Flag on their balcony overlooking the River Mersey.

Liverpool Commonwealth Association – formed in 2015 to encourage trade, educational and cultural links with the city.

The Commonwealth Flag was raised by The Lord Mayor, Chief Angus and Gary Miller, Chair of the LCA on the roof of the Town Hall.

Lord Mayor, Councillor Roz Gladden, said: “As the place which was once the second city of the British Empire, Liverpool has a proud history at the heart of the Commonwealth. It helped shape the place we are today – a City Region where 60 languages are spoken by residents whose ethnic heritage comes from 100 countries.

“It is important we must not forget the vital role our diverse communities play and have played in the city, not least the sacrifices made during two world wars and conflict since. Commonwealth Day gives us an opportunity to do that.”

Chair of the Liverpool Commonwealth Association and Assistant Mayor, Councillor Gary Millar said “On Monday March 13th we salute our Commonwealth friends and family and remind the world that Liverpool is back! It’s back as a global trading, cultural and academic partner.

“We are not just an association – we are a group of passionate individuals from the heritage of 52 nations, using our influence and our links to ensure this region is seen as the place to do business, to learn from, to visit and to play.

“Today’s ceremony is part of a global initiative to fly the flag to herald this amazing and influential family of nations.”

 “I would love this amazing family to host not just the Commonwealth Games but also hold the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in this region in 2018 – that would be two gold medals worth flying the flag for!”

The Commonwealth is made up of 52 countries with 2.2 billion people, 60 percent under the age of 30, and spans nations in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Pacific.

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Group shot on Town Hall Stairs

New Recycling Drive in Liverpool 18

A new council drive to help reduce the amount of recyclable materials being sent to landfils sites got underway yesterday (6th March 2017) in Liverpool 18.  New 90 litre re-useable sacks are being handed out to residents to replace the current 55 litre boxes.

It is estimated that approx 21,000 tonnes of recycleable waste is being sent to the landfil instead of being put into the correct recycling bins / bags.  Each tonne of normal household costs twice as much to treat as recyclable waste meaning an extra £1 million is payable by council tax holders.

In an earlier drive in the County Ward, saw recycling rates increase by approx 20%.  Other areas will follow this year.

Councillor Steve Munby, Cabinet member for neighbourhoods, said: “The high proportion of terraced properties with narrow alleyways in Liverpool means we have a particular challenge in providing the best storage methods for residents.

“We know that the larger sacks proved popular when we carried out a pilot scheme last year because they are much bigger than the blue boxes.

“This is part of a much scheme to make our streets cleaner and greener in which we are replacing paving and carrying out other environmental improvements in four foot alleys to improve the conditions in which rubbish is presented for collection.

“We are also going to be increasing our recycling collections where we think it will make a difference, educating people about which bin to use, improving our response to flytipping and taking action against those that dump in our city as part of our commitment to make Liverpool cleaner and greener.”


33 – percentage of waste recycled in Liverpool (projected 2016/17)
18,000 – tonnes of green waste collected (2016/17)
21,000 – tonnes of recyclable items wrongly placed in the purple bin every year
28,000 – houses receiving a weekly black sack collection
196,000 – houses receiving an alternate weekly collection of purple/blue bins

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Recyling Teams