Zeebrugge Memorial Service Held at Seacombe Ferry

The 99th Annual service was held this morning at Seacombe Ferry to remember the fallen from one of the most heroic actions of World War One on the 23rd April 1918.

Veterans and residents gathered at the Zeebrugge Memorial at the ferry terminal to remember the brave attempt by the Royal Navy to neutralise the Belgian port, which was used as a base for German U-boats.

The original Daffodil and Iris acted as both landing craft for Marines, and tugboats to HMS Vindictive in the operation.

They came under heavy fire but, battered and intact, both ferries returned, and King George V awarded them the title of “Royal” ferries, a unique distinction that remains to this day.

The action saw vicious hand-to-hand fighting, incredible heroism and the award of 200 medals for gallantry including eight Victoria Crosses, the highest military honour for bravery.

The service was taken by Revd David Baverstock the asst priest at Liverpool Parish Church.  Wirral Mayor Cllr Pat Hackett, and the mayoress were amongst the dignitaries who attended the service with the newly elected High Sheriff Of Merseyside, Stephen Burrows in attendance also.  Local MP Angela Eagle was also there at the service.

The service was held on the jetty, and then wreaths were thrown into the River Mersey, the service then continued in the cafe area of the terminal, then finally over to the Zeebrugge memorial where additional wreaths were laid.  Finally there was a march past the memorial and onto the promenade, with the band playing.

For pics see the link below:-

Wreaths after the service



Author: James O'Hanlon

Liverpool photographer and local history fan. I will attend events of varied types and post them on this blog.

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