International Workers Memorial Day Service, Liverpool

A service was held at the South Piazza of Georges Dock Building at the Pier Head, Liverpool earlier.

The 28th April is International Workers’ Memorial Day the day each year when workers come together and remember those who have been killed and injured at work. The slogan for the day is “remember the dead – fight for the living”.

Sadly, it is all too likely that know someone who has died at work, has been injured in the workplace or is suffering from an occupational diseases.

This year Unite the Union are highlighting the message that an organised workplace is a safe workplace, while also recognising the vital work of Unite safety reps in ensuring that their fellow workers are safe at work.

It has been found that workplaces that have union safety reps and a safety committee have half the major injury rate of companies that don’t have these structures.

Safety reps play an enormously positive role in society. In 2016 research found that safety reps in the UK saved between £219 million to £725 million by reducing lost time caused by injuries and illness.

The role of union safety reps is increasingly vital. Continued government attacks on safety laws, safety regulations and huge cuts to the funding of the Health and Safety Executive mean that unions and their safety reps are increasingly in the frontline of workplace safety. If unions aren’t keeping their workplaces safe then it is unlikely that anyone else will.

Last year 69 construction workers were killed at work, the year before the death toll was 77. Construction is the most dangerous industry in Britain. Despite this high death toll only around 30 per cent of companies involved in killing a construction worker are ever convicted of an offence. Despite the recent introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter Act it remains virtually impossible for a company director whose negligence caused the death of a worker to be jailed.

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Lajos Kossuth Plaque Unveiled in Liverpool

As part of the commemoration of the 1848 revolution and freedom fight, Ambassador Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky together with the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Roz Gladden unveiled the Lajos Kossuth Plaque on 20 March 2017. Lajos Kossuth, the great Hungarian statesman on his journey across Great Britain in 1851 was greeted by members of the town council and cheered by the public in Liverpool as well. Upon the initiative of Dr Andrew Zsigmond de Lemhény, the Honorary Consul of Hungary the plaque remembers now the generosity of the city and will serve as a precious memorial for the Hungarians living in the area. The Plaque is at 17 Lord Nelson Street, where Lajos Kossuth held a public speech in front of great crowd.

Kossuth was a Hungarian journalist, lawyer, politican and governer – president of the Kingdon of Hungary during the revolution of 1848-49.

Later that day on behalf of János Áder, President of Hungary, Ambassador Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky presented the Gold Cross of Merit to Ms Éva Szakály, who fled to the UK after the Second World War. Ms Éva Szakály worked selflessly in the past 70 years to spread the Hungarian culture in England, to keep the cultural heritage alive of the Hungarian community living in the UK and to organize support for those in need during the 1956 and 1898 in Hungary and in Transylvania.

The plaque for Mr Kossuth
The house at 17 Lord Nelso St

St Georges Day Parade takes place in Liverpool

Yesterday, on our National Saints Day, St George a parade was held and marched through the city.

The march organised by the Loyal Orange Institution of England and Liverpool Provincial Grand Lodge.

Various lodges and bands took part in the parade, to celebrate our National Saints Day.

It included members parading being accompanied by traditional Orange bands playing a variety of different instruments.

The parade moved off at 3pm from various points across the city including Netherfield Road, Dingle and Garston.

The parade made its way into the City Centre, saluting the Cenotaph at St George’s Hall to remember the fallen.

Then continuing to the Anglican Cathedral, for a family Service of Worship and evensong.

The service was conducted by the Vice Dean of the Cathedral.

The service included a band providing a musical interlude inside the Cathedral, playing traditional Patriotic music, to Celebrate St Georges Day.

The Great George Bell was rung on the day of celebration.

There was several hundred people on the parade to mark St George’s Day.

Many St George’s flags and flags of the United Kingdom were flown on the parade as a sign of our patriotism towards the National Saint.

The Orange Institution is proud of its heritage and looks forward to celebrating England’s National Saints day each year.

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Band members on march

Zeebrugge Memorial Service Held at Seacombe Ferry

The 99th Annual service was held this morning at Seacombe Ferry to remember the fallen from one of the most heroic actions of World War One on the 23rd April 1918.

Veterans and residents gathered at the Zeebrugge Memorial at the ferry terminal to remember the brave attempt by the Royal Navy to neutralise the Belgian port, which was used as a base for German U-boats.

The original Daffodil and Iris acted as both landing craft for Marines, and tugboats to HMS Vindictive in the operation.

They came under heavy fire but, battered and intact, both ferries returned, and King George V awarded them the title of “Royal” ferries, a unique distinction that remains to this day.

The action saw vicious hand-to-hand fighting, incredible heroism and the award of 200 medals for gallantry including eight Victoria Crosses, the highest military honour for bravery.

The service was taken by Revd David Baverstock the asst priest at Liverpool Parish Church.  Wirral Mayor Cllr Pat Hackett, and the mayoress were amongst the dignitaries who attended the service with the newly elected High Sheriff Of Merseyside, Stephen Burrows in attendance also.  Local MP Angela Eagle was also there at the service.

The service was held on the jetty, and then wreaths were thrown into the River Mersey, the service then continued in the cafe area of the terminal, then finally over to the Zeebrugge memorial where additional wreaths were laid.  Finally there was a march past the memorial and onto the promenade, with the band playing.

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Wreaths after the service


Liverpool Homeless Games 2017

The Homeless Games took place today at Wavertree Sports Centre.  The Games was officially opened by Deputy Mayor Cllr Ann O’Byrne. Games the competitors took part in were, pool, darts, football, badminton, tennis, basketball, quick cricket and mini golf.

The initiative, which was founded in 2009, aims to bring together those who have experienced homelessness or social exclusion, in order to provide a platform that unites them through sport and companionship.

Competitors played regardless of ability or skill.

In partnership with Liverpool City Council and the Liverpool-based retailer Healthy Foods Online, the games will also offer participants and the public with advice on health, education and employment. Using the games as a platform to improve the health and wellbeing of homeless people, to increase their feelings of self-worth and allow them to feel a sense of pride for what they have achieved on the day, both in sport and personal progression.

Organisers of the Olympic Games, Eric Houghton and Steve Barton said:

“The Homeless Games alone cannot make the difference. It is only through working together that we can change lives. We need everyone to play their part, whether you’re a support worker who can champion the Homeless Games within your organisation or and organisation who could support the day.“

With the successful sounds of the Rio Olympics still ringing in our ears, there is little wonder why the 7th Homeless Games is set to be the most exciting and biggest yet.

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Group shot before the match started


Day 2 pics:-

Team Wales

Mayor of Wirral Launches New MNDA Garden Of Hope

The Mayor of Wirral Pat Hackett was joined by the Mayoress earlier in officially launching the new MNDA Garden of Hope inside the Walled Gardens area of Royden Park, Wirral.

The Garden of Hope is sponsored by MDNA, Motor Neruone Disease Association.  The Mayor after a short speech, along with the Mayoress and reps from MDNA helped sow seeds in the plot of land.

The Mayor plans to come back when the seeds have grown.

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Mayor of Wirral Pat Hackett and the Mayoress officially opened the new MNDA Garden of Hope inside the Walled Garden of Royden Park, Wirral. He and the mayoress helped sow new seeds on the patch of land.

Posted by James O'Hanlon on Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Wales Comic Con 2017

Crowds of colourful characters enjoyed the good weather as they met their heroes at the Wales Comic Con.

The event returned to Wrexham’s Glyndwr University over the weekend with thousands of fans lining up to meet stars from the worlds of film, TV and wrestling.

Celebrities signed autographs and had their pictures taken with enthusiastic visitors to the convention.

There were also trade stalls for people to buy comic and other merchandise from their favourite science fictions shows.

Among the celebrities were children’s author and former wrestler Mick Foley and Dave Prowse, who played Darth Vader in the original Star wars series.

Fans at the event were also part of the attraction as many of them dressed up as characters including the Joker and Cat Woman from the Batman comics, Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of The Caribbean and Deadpool.

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Photo’s of Day 1 and Day 2 further down.

Amy dumas

Day 2

batman character