Shun The S*n Protest Held In Liverpool

Protesters took to the steps of St Georges Hall in Liverpool today to campaign for the total ban of the Sun Newspaper in Liverpool.

Organised by a group called Shun The Sun, the group and members of the public gathered on the steps of St Georges Hall.  People brought placards, held posters and wore stickers.

The group which  on Facebook has more than 73,000 members.  The group has had success in the city and many retail outlets have stopped selling the paper.  The paper has seen a huge decline in sales since the Hillsborough disaster almost 28 years ago.

It is estimated the boycott has cost Britain’s best selling newspaper millions of pounds in revenue since 1989 and, following the landmark new inquest verdicts last April which found the 96 were unlawfully killed and that Liverpool fans were not to blame, two campaign groups – Total Eclipse of the S*n and Shun The S*n – have been encouraging shops, businesses and local councils not to stock it.

People turned up with their children, some in push chairs and the children got involved by holding up placards in the crowd.

Music came fromlocal man Carl Allen who sang a few numbers on the top of the steps.

For pics and a video of Carl Allen singing Shun The Sun at the protest please follow the links below:-

2 protesters

Author: James O'Hanlon

Liverpool photographer and local history fan. I will attend events of varied types and post them on this blog.

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