3000 Lights For Child Refugees Protest – Liverpool

A peaceful hour long gathering took place earlier to protest against the Governments refusal to accept child refugees into the U.K.  The protest was held on the iconic St Georges Hall steps in Liverpool.

It was announced today (8/2/17) that the UK will no longer welcome any more child refugees. This is unacceptable, while there is a ban on several countries from entering the USA and the global hostility towards people selling refugees from Syria and other countries is increasing we must continue to let our government know that refugees are welcome in the UK!

No child should be living in a war zone and we should be doing all we can to give them somewhere safe to live, learn and grow.

The government originally promised to provide refugee for 3000 child refugees, so we will hold 3000 lights into the night sky for them.

The crowd brought candles, torches and used their phones to light up the cold evening.

Only 350 unaccompanied child refugees will be allowed to settle in the UK, thousands short of numbers previously indicated.

The statement from Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill said local authorities indicated “have capacity for around 400 unaccompanied asylum-seeking children until the end of this financial year” and said the country should be “proud” of its contribution to finding homes for refugees.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron called the decision “a betrayal of British values”.

“Last May, MPs from all parties condemned the Government’s inaction on child refugees in Europe, and voted overwhelmingly to offer help to the thousands of unaccompanied kids who were stranded without their families backed by huge public support,” Mr Farron said.

“Instead, the Government has done the bare minimum, helping only a tiny number of youngsters and appearing to end the programme while thousands still suffer. At the end of December last year the Government had failed to bring a single child refugee to the UK under the Dubs scheme from Greece or Italy where many of these children are trapped.”

For pics of the night see the link below:-

Dan and Alan on the steps of St Georges Hall


Author: James O'Hanlon

Liverpool photographer and local history fan. I will attend events of varied types and post them on this blog.

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