Holocaust Exhibition Opens In Liverpool Town Hall

An exhibition opened today in the Hall Of Remembrance inside Liverpool Town Hall as part of events to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

The display was opened by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool Cllr Roz Gladden.  The 3 day event is staged by Fathers House, a Christian congregation based in Deeside who question members of the public about their recollection and understanding of the Holocaust.

Lord Mayor, Councillor Roz Gladden, said: “Holocaust Memorial Day is not only a time to remember those millions who died in the Holocaust and subsequent genocides but is also a call to action for the present.

“We all have a responsibility over related issues such as hate crime and prejudice to ensure they have no place in our society.

“The events we are putting on will be moving and poignant and encourage us all to help to build a safer future for ourselves and future generations.”

Pastor Mike Fryer from Fathers House said: “Before the early 1990s, the Holocaust was not a subject schools taught to their students and therefore there are those in our society who don’t really understand the suffering of those six million Jews murdered during the Second World War.”

Liverpool Councillor Jeremy Wolfson, a member of the city’s Jewish community, said: This exhibition gives us an opportunity to reflect on the Holocaust and raise awareness of not only what happened but to try and ensure that the attitudes which led to it are not repeated.”

For photo’s see the link below:-

screen in reception area

Author: James O'Hanlon

Liverpool photographer and local history fan. I will attend events of varied types and post them on this blog.

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