Cilla Black Statue Unveiled In Mathew St, Liverpool

A new statue of Cilla Black was unveiled yesterday outside the original entrance to The Cavern Club in Liverpool, where Cilla once worked and later sang at.  Cilla died after a fall at her Spanish Villa in Augiust 2015 aged 72.

The bronze sculptor created and designed by artists Emma Rodgers and Andy Edwards and was cast at Castle Fine Arts Foundry in Liverpool and was commissioned by her three sons.

The ceremony coincided with the 60th anniversary of the world famous club, and on the same day a plaque was presented to the remaining members of Rory Storm and the Hurricanes in the Cavern and a brick was placed in the Cavern Wall Of Fame by Irish musician Gilbert O’Sullivan.

The ceremony was attended by hundreds of fans and well wishers.  Guests include her three sons, Jack, Ben and Robert, local DJ Pete Price, Lord Mayor, Cllr Roz Gladden and consort Cllr Roy Gladden amongst others.

Unveiling the statue, Robert Willis said his mother “never really appreciated getting old but now she will be forever young”.

He told onlookers: “We were overwhelmed by the incredible support after our mother died from the country but also, and especially, from the people of this great city.

“It was incredibly comforting and it moved us deeply and gave us hope at a time when we didn’t have much hope.

“It was something that none of us will ever forget.”

He said the local-made sculpture was not only a memorial to his mother but donating it to Liverpool was “a small gesture of gratitude and thanks to the people of this wonderful city”.

“It’s based on a sixties design, the dress is chequered and it enabled us to put little stories like photos and lyrics hidden in there for people to check out.

“I’m just incredibly relieved that it turned out as well as it did. We are so happy with it, and I hope people enjoy it. And they did get the legs right, she had great legs! And also the nose – it’s the post-nosejob nose which she would have insisted on!”

For pics and video of the event, click on the links below:-


Photo’s :-

Statue still under wraps 90min before unveiling

Author: James O'Hanlon

Liverpool photographer and local history fan. I will attend events of varied types and post them on this blog.

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