Funeral Service for Beatles Manager Allan Williams

The funeral was held earlier in Liverpool Parish Church for Mr Allan Richard Williams who passed away on 30th Dec 2016 aged 86.

Allan was a businessman and promoter known most famously as being the first manager of The Beatles.  He worked with The Beatles between 1960 and 1961.  He personally drove them in August 1960 to Hamburg where they developed their own style and sound.

Williams parted company with the band in 1961 over a dispute about his management fee. The following year Brian Epstein took over as their manager and propelled them to worldwide stardom.

Williams become the owner of the Jacaranda Club on Slater St Liverpool which opened in 1958 and was previously a watch repair shop.  The coffee house as it was, first become a, meeting point for students, artists and musicians among them was John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Stuart Sutcliffe. At one stage John Lennon and Stuart Sutcliffe were employed by Williams to create a mural for the ladies toilet. Williams began arranging gigs for the band at the Jacaranda and the Blue Angel bar, which Williams also owned, aswell at other venues around the city.

Williams wrote a memoir in 1977 titled “The Man Who Gave The Beatles Away”

Williams later on helped arrange and organise the Beatles Conventions in Liverpool, and was a regular speaker at the event and around the world.

Williams is survived by his wife, Beryl, and children Justin and Leah.

For pics of the funeral please visit the link below:-

Service Sheet



Author: James O'Hanlon

Liverpool photographer and local history fan. I will attend events of varied types and post them on this blog.

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